Call a Plumber in Weatherford TX for Garbage Disposal Repair

by | Feb 7, 2017 | plumbing

If the home’s garbage disposal isn’t working as it should, or if it’s making odd noises when turned on, it’s time to call a plumber in Weatherford TX. Local plumbers specialize in a variety of services, including disposal repair, and a licensed technician can diagnose and resolve problems before they lead to the need for full replacement. Here, homeowners can learn five reasons why garbage disposal repair may be necessary.

Humming Sounds With No Action

If the unit will not churn, but it makes humming noises when switched on, the flywheel could be stuck or worn out. A plumber can easily and quickly fix this issue.

No Noise When the Unit is Switched On

If the unit makes no noise when it’s turned on, the electrical system is likely to be to blame. An experienced plumber can inspect the disposal and remove debris that may cause operational issues.


A puddle of water under the sink could be attributed to a worn hose or seal. It indicates that the garbage disposal needs to be replaced rather than repaired. Call a plumber in Weatherford to get a new garbage disposal installed as soon as possible.

Worn Teeth

If the garbage disposal’s teeth are worn, a plumber in Weatherford TX can remove the unit’s flywheel and replace or sharpen the grinding mechanism. Worn teeth are a common problem in older units, but a plumber can quickly diagnose and resolve these issues.

A Foul Odor

While it’s possible to deodorize the garbage disposal, it won’t do any good if the unit isn’t removing food particles from the drain. When the unit emits a foul odor, it could be due to a worn flywheel and grinding mechanism that isn’t adequately removing old food from the drain. A plumber can replace worn parts and remove unpleasant odors from home.

A garbage disposal typically lasts between eight and ten years before replacement is necessary, but a plumber can inspect the system for cost-efficient solutions if any of the above warning signs are displayed. Whether a homeowner needs repair or replacement, the team at Website Domain can help.


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