Benefits of Calling a Professional Plumbing Contractor for Clogged Drains

by | May 31, 2019 | plumbing

Having a clogged drain is never a fun experience, especially when it happens after regular business hours or on the weekend. When this type of situation occurs many homeowners may begin to panic in thinking that they will have to deal with drain problems for several hours or days until they can reach a plumbing contractor to help them with the issues. Fortunately, there are plumbers who provide emergency repairs to help in resolving a home’s plumbing issues.

While many homeowners may try to fix a drainage problem on their own, these methods do not always work very well. Most people have plungers and they know how to try to use them to create suction that will move the clog and possibly cause it to move on down the drain.

Small plumbing snakes or augers are another commonly used device. This device is a long cable or coil, which is fed into the pipe until it reaches the clog. The hook at the end of the cable then digs into the clog and can sometimes break it apart enough to allow water to pass. While these types of devices can be helpful, in many cases they may not be able to reach clogs that are deep inside the plumbing of the home. For these types of issues, a professional plumbing contractor is generally required.

Professional plumbers will often be able to pinpoint the exact location of the clog but the type of issue causing the problem by using a small camera being fed into the pipes so that they can see what the problem actually is. This can be beneficial in helping them to decide what type of equipment will work best at fixing the problem.

For clogs caused by tree roots, it may be best to use a rooter. This device can be fed into the pipes of the home and once it reaches the root, causing the problem it has special cutting blades, which will work to eliminate the roots from the pipes. If the clog is caused by other matter, a heavy-duty auger may be used to get to clogs deep in the plumbing of the home. Some clogs may be due to a buildup of grease and other matter on the interior of the pipes. A hydro jet can often be used to clean the pipes and stop this issue. Visit the website. Like us at Facebook.


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