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Avoid Garbage Disposal Repairs in Philadelphia by Not Putting These Things Down the Drain

by | Sep 29, 2018 | plumbing

The garbage disposal was invented for a good reason: it’s an easy, quick way to dispose of extra materials in the kitchen. However, most disposals have limits on what they can handle. Where the sink is concerned, prevention is more effective than the cure, and following good habits are the most effective ways to keep the disposal functioning. Below are several things not to put down a garbage disposal.

Coffee Grounds

It’s a big mistake to dispose of coffee grounds in the garbage disposal. While this may seem like a fast solution, the grounds may get stuck and cause an expensive backup. To avoid these troubles, throw away or compost coffee grounds.

Asparagus, Celery, and Corn Husks

While some veggies can easily go down the disposal, others can cause severe backups. Fibrous vegetables such as asparagus, corn husks, and celery are all in this category. The fibers may get tangled in the disposal’s blades, so composting or throwing them away is safer.


When cracking a few eggs in the morning, don’t throw the shells in the disposal. The membrane in an eggshell may become wrapped in the disposal blades, making them dull. Enjoy a hearty breakfast, but keep the eggshells far from the garbage disposal.

Pasta and Rice

While they are great for curries, spaghetti, and stir-fry, pasta and rice shouldn’t be put in the garbage disposal. Because these foods expand when moist, they may increase in size when in the disposal. Rather than spending time on Garbage Disposal Repairs in Philadelphia, don’t put leftover starches down the drain.

Fat and Grease

Bacon is delicious, but grease in the disposal is a real problem. Fat solidifies and liquefies at set temperatures, which will cause a real problem when it’s dumped down the garbage disposal. Instead of pouring the grease or oil down the drain, pour it into a jar or bottle and throw it in the trash.

Though sorting through a kitchen full of leftovers may seem tedious, knowing what can damage the garbage disposal will save time and inconvenience. However, if there’s a need for Garbage Disposal Repairs in Philadelphia, call City Plumbing today.


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