Services Provided by Plumbing and Sewer Contractors in Tinley Park, IL

by | May 11, 2013 | plumbing

Some of the Best Plumbing Contractors are full-service Sewer Contractors Tinley Park IL. These are plumbers who offer all kinds of services with just one phone call. You may just have a plugged toilet, or a shower drain that drains too slowly. Maybe you need a new bathroom faucet installed, or a new shower head installed so your tub can also be used as a shower.

You might need a new appliance installed and have the water lines hooked up to it, like a new refrigerator with an ice maker, which has a water line. These are all general plumbing services. However, if you have a sewer problem, it’s nice to know who you can call in an emergency, when there just isn’t time to search through a phone book.

Sewer Contractors Tinley Park IL can help you if you’re doing a home renovation. Maybe you’re finishing your basement and you want to build a new bathroom. If you have a wet basement, a licensed, professional plumber who is experienced with pumps can help you install a sump pump, maybe even with a backup, and run the lines outside all the way to the curb if necessary to get the pumped basement water out of the house, away from the structure, and close to the sewer drain. Living in a region with flooding problems, having a sump pump with a battery-operated backup ready to go can literally save your house.

In the Chicago area, a city used to sudden flooding and residents used to flooded basements, Sewer Contractors Tinley Park IL can help advise you on the right basement sump pump for the size of your home, as well as basement ejector pumps. While sump pumps are used to remove gray water, meaning that which does not include solid waste, an ejector pump removes solid waste. If either one of these pumps fail and you need emergency maintenance, contractors who provide service after the sale can get the pump repaired and used factory-approved parts. Look for a licensed plumbing contractor who provides service 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.



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