Plumbing Contractors in Pittsburgh PA are an Important Part of an Overall Home Maintenance Program

by | Oct 10, 2018 | plumbing

Prevention is a significant part of proper home maintenance, and plumbing systems are no exception. With the right level of care, homeowners will avoid extensive, costly repairs and help their fixtures last longer. Use these preventive tips to avoid sewer backups, burst pipes, and other expensive issues.

Know What Can (and Can’t) be Flushed

Avoid flushing or pouring anything clog-causing down the toilet or drain, such as feminine products, cotton swabs, grease, oil, and hair. All these items create severe clogs that will eventually cause pipes to leak and crack. Clogged drains also lead to sewer backups, which are unsanitary and dangerous. To prevent these problems, install drain screens that catch soap scum, hair, and other clog culprits.

Choose Landscaping Wisely

Select drought-resistant plants that are succulent and have short roots. A plant’s roots naturally grow toward water sources, including the condensation found on plumbing pipes, causing cracks, clogs, and other serious damage. Ideally, landscaping choices should include evergreens, flowering shrubs, and other slow-growing plant varieties.

Don’t Use Commercially Available Drain Cleaners

Don’t use household drain cleaners to get rid of clogs. These products contain caustic, corrosive chemicals that cause premature wear and tear on pipes, pollute water, and harm animals. If a plunger doesn’t work, it’s time to call Plumbing Contractors in Pittsburgh PA.

Find the Shutoff Valve

Everyone in the house should know where the shutoff valve is and how to use it in an emergency. In most cases, these are found in the basement or along the outside of the home. Shutting the valve off right away may make the difference between minor damage and a severe flood.

Schedule Regular Inspections

A once-yearly plumbing inspection is a good time to look for leaks and other issues that may worsen without repairs and maintenance. During the yearly checkup, it’s important to ask for a drain cleaning to keep the pipes functioning as they should. However, if the house has an older plumbing system, it may need to be inspected twice per year.

Maintaining the home’s plumbing is part of responsible homeownership, and it helps with water conservation as well. Work with expert Plumbing Contractors in Pittsburgh PA by calling  today. You can also connect them on Facebook.


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