How Your Garbage Disposal Causes Clogs

How Your Garbage Disposal Causes Clogs

Garbage disposals are a workhorse in many kitchens. A disposal helps eliminate food wastes, allows you to have less garbage in your home, and helps to quickly clear out a sink that’s full of food and water. Some are able to handle large quantities of food and dispose of it quickly, while others must be fed waste in small amounts.

No matter which horsepower your disposal works at, every disposal needs lots of water running down the drain in order to grind the food and wash it down the sink pipes. A clogged garbage disposal can affect your kitchen plumbing. Long Beach plumbers can help you repair your garbage disposal or you can attempt to fix the problem yourself.

Fixing a Garbage Disposal Yourself

Repairing a clogged sink due to a faulty disposal is fairly simple if you understand how the pipes work under your sink. Every disposal has a waste trap attached to it, and this is where most problems originate from when you have a sink clog. By simply removing this waste trap and clearing it out, you should be able to unclog your sink and flush any remaining waste through the disposal. If after cleaning out the waste trap you still have a leak, you need a professional who specializes in residential plumbing in Long Beach.

Hiring a Plumber for Your Clogged Sink

You’ll know you have a deeper problem than a clogged waste trap if you run the disposal and it’s still clogged or it shoots out like a geyser all over your kitchen. This means the clog is deeper than the disposal, and a plumber can come in with a sink auger and easily unclog your pipes. Although a garbage disposal is useful, and some people can’t imagine life without one, it can have an effect on your plumbing. Long Beach plumbers are used to simple repairs like this and can quickly have your kitchen sink back to normal.

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