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Heating Your Home Can Be Cheaper With Heat Pumps In Tacoma WA

by | Oct 1, 2014 | plumbing

If your current furnace needs replaced, you should consider a heat pump.  A heat pump is used for both heating and cooling in your home.  No need to purchase a separate air conditioning unit.

The heat pump works by moving air from one location to another.  It has a small burner that creates head and moves it through your home.  Heat rises and a heat pump will push the hot air down into the room with a lower temperature.

The air-air heat pump can take heat from the outside air and places it into air ducts.  When you want to have air conditioning, it will cool through a reversing valve.

Some of the best things to do before you choose a heat pump are:

  • * Make sure your home is insulated, including the ceilings, attic and under your floor.  The more insulation, the smaller heat pump you can purchase.
  • * Purchase a quality heat pump from a reputable dealer who sells
  • * Heat pumps in Tacoma WA
  • * Make sure your heat pump works in the climate you live in.  Most heat pumps can work to -15 degrees Celsius if a trained professional installs it.
  • * If you live near a dusty area or near water, make sure your unit is protected from corrosion.

Try to purchase the most efficient heat pump available.  Purchasing one that is less efficient will cost you more in utilities over all.  Be sure the heat pump unit is the new ENERGY STAR specifications if you’re in a cooler area.

You can also save money using a heat pump by closing off areas in your home that you’re not using such as bedrooms, closets and game rooms.  Don’t run a heat pump all day when you’re not home.  You can have the heat pump come on thirty minutes before you return home from work.  Be sure to clean the filters on a regular basis.

Purchasing a heat pump unit makes sense.  There is no reason to spend additional money on a furnace as well as an air conditioning unit.  A heat pump can do both and be maintained all at one time for year round comfort.



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